In 2014, Wofford Artisan Market was founded by Sarah Baldwin and Mills Brown as a support group for creative individuals.

“As student artists and entrepreneurs, we know how difficult and sometimes intimidating it can be to market yourself on campus. This is why we have created Wofford Artisan Market- specifically for you. It’s an organized way for us to sell our goods and help to market and promote your craft throughout the busy school year.” ~Sarah and Mills

They made it their mission to hunt down Wofford’s hidden talents. They featured artisans on their blog, and began to cultivate the arts community on Wofford’s campus.

When Sarah and Mills graduated in 2015, Wofford Artisan Market was taken over by Julie Woodson and Anna Katherine Wilson.

Keeping with the original intentions of the project, Wofford’s artisans will continue to be featured on the blog, along with a variety of other posts. Wofford Artisan Market is aimed at boosting creativity and art around the Wofford community. Wofford Artisan Market wants to help everyone – including those who don’t consider themselves “artists” – find their creative side. Community art projects and collaborations are in the works for the upcoming year, along with a pop-up market.

Have an idea? Want to be featured? Send us an email at woffordartisanmarket@gmail.com or a message on Facebook! We would love to hear from you about how we can improve the arts community!


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