Stationary for a Cause-WritefullyHis

Grace Wallace is a local artisan with a heart for education; In fact, she cares so much about bringing education to children in impoverished communities that she built her company around it. WritefullyHis uses 20% of the proceeds from each beautifully designed card or stationary item sold to buy notebooks and pencils for schoolchildren in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda-making a difference in the lives of children internationally.

Grace is a Wofford graduate, and her successful company was once a Space to Impact project, just like Wofford Artisan Market! We are inspired by her mission to change the world through art, and we think it is a great addition to Spartanburg’s up-and-coming community of creative small businesses.

Grace wallace_photo.jpg

  1. How did you get your start in card design?

I did not get into the business so I could design cards it was purely for philanthropic reasons. However, I was already making cards for Christmas gifts to friends that year as we all departed different ways for study abroad.

When I was in Aix-en-Provence, I read about a family in Uganda who had 5 children. The price of admission to go to school in their village was a pencil. Their family could not afford five pencils for each one of their children so instead the father went out one morning to purchase the one pencil they could afford. He broke it into 5 pieces, 1/5 for each child to go to school. I started the company for this reason and just chose to pair my love and prior hobby together to create my company, WritefullyHis.


  1. What kinds of things inspire you (both in your art and everyday life)?

My favorite inspirations come from rugs. There is something about a bold palette in a neutral room that makes a statement! I feel the same way when you pair a bold pattern against a crisp white card!


  1. Which has been your favorite design and how did it come about?

The greeting card, “Has Anyone Told You Lately You Are Amazing?” is a best seller and one of my favorites! It came about as I scrolled through one of my sister and I’s text conversations. She had made the comment to me and made me feel so special inside so I decided to put the saying on a greeting card.


You can find Grace’s designs online at

or in the WritefullyHis shop at 155 North Spring Street Spartanburg, SC 29306



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