The Artist Next Door: Wofford Student Photographers showcase their work and tell us how they became so awesome

Our first featured photographer is Alex Bentley, a junior at Wofford College. His featured photography is full of color, zest, and emotion- the kind of work that seems to give the observer a personal connection with the subject. We would like to see him working for National Geographic one day!

Chicken in the market at Otavalo, Ecuador



How did you get your start as a photographer?                                 I got my start as a photographer by taking a photography class in middle school. I had a dinky little camera, but it still allowed me to play around with composition, lighting, patterns and other basic things.

What do you love the most about photography?                     What I love most about photography is the focus it requires. I’m an easily distracted person, thus I tend to take up hobbies that are very engaging and require complete focus. When I’m photographing something I’m not thinking about whats for dinner or that lab paper thats due on Wednesday. 100% of my attention is devoted to my camera and my subject, and I can really get lost in it.

What advice would you give to new photographers?                     I would say photography is very much about exploration. Go out into the world and try to explore it through your photography. Look at things at a different angle and with a different perspective. And in your photos seek to capture the life and wonder this world has to offer. Thats what I try to do at least!


Kourtney Meiss is a junior from Sandwich, Massachusetts, majoring in Computer Science at Wofford College. She serves as the Director of Online Content for the Old Gold and Black Newspaper, works in the IT Department, and is a peer tutor.

Her featured photos have a natural theme, focusing on pastoral scenes and moments of unspoiled beauty.barbed-wire

How did you get your start as a photographer?
In middle school, I became interested in photography. After working all summer, I bought my first digital camera.  It allowed me to capture the world through my eyes and this was extremely special to me. I never took any classes but loved going outside and taking pictures of everything in sight. This fall, I enrolled in my first photography class with Professor Hiott, which has reinvigorated my passion.feather

What do you love the most about photography?
I love how photography allows you to capture a moment that will never be duplicated again.


What advice would you give to new photographers?
I would tell new photographers to experiment and take as many pictures as possible.  Determine what works best for you and what brings you joy and run with that. Also, exploring past and present photographers is something that I turn to for inspiration.


Sheron Mathew is a junior this year at Wofford College. Much of Sheron’s art draws attention to spots of unlikely rural beauty, and his newer work seems to at once juxtapose and relate it to the beauty found abroad. You can check out more of his lovely photos on his instagram, @shisam_photos!

How did you get your start as a photographer?
I have always had this profound attraction to photography, whether it’s a photo in a magazine, something I find in a museum, or even in a store. I think it really started when I first got my first point and shoot camera in tenth or eleventh grade. I would try to take it with me anywhere I go and shoot whatever seemed to fascinate my eyes. Now I shoot both film and digital photography.

What do you love the most about photography?
For me personally it’s a way to get away from this world, all its troubles and constraints. The camera is a way for me to see this world through my own eyes. I am still trying to figure out where I am going with my work, but photography provides me with a sense of fluidity compared to the rigid “schedule” provided by life in general.SheronCam

Sheron would like to give this advice to new photographers out there: “If you truly have a passion for this art, then just go for it. It doesn’t matter if you have the latest high tech gadgets. Just explore what you can do and what captivates your eyes.”

He would also like to advise them to wait until they have found their niche to purchase high-end equipment.




Louise (Shiman) Lu is a senior French and Accounting major from China. At Wofford, she works as a photographer for the Old Gold and Black, but right now she is on one of her trademark international adventures- this time in France. Her work combines a sophisticated modern, symmetrical style with a flare for capturing the spirit of the moment.LouiseGermanHappy


For her, many factors combined to spark an interest in photography. When her mom asked her to document her travels in the United States and elsewhere, she began taking photos, and discovered that she really enjoyed it.


What do you love the most about photography?
Photography is one of the things that I enjoy doing without a definite purpose. Playing with my camera, taking photos, and looking at them later makes me really happy.

What advice would you give to new photographers?
Always bring your camera with you, there are always little things and moments we call serendipity!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m thankful for our student photographers and their awesome talents!

-Anna Katherine Wilson-


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