Introducing Wofford’s new Career Coach – and photographer extraordinaire – Lee Smith

This month we’ve put our focus on photography at Wofford Artisan Market, so our first Featured Artisan of the month is Lee Smith. Lee Smith is a dancer, actor, filmmaker, and photographer. He graduated from USC with a History Degree, but his love of film brought him into photography. At the beginning of his photography career, he worked for numerous fashion shows, advertising photographers, and pageant photographers in South Carolina. His business has really flourished and allowed him to expand.

We caught up with Lee Smith aka “Smithalee” about his photography career:

Q: What do you love the most about photography?

A: The thing I love most about photography deals with the creative portion. I am not the best drawer, however in photography I have the chance to create that same art. Whatever I envision I have had a chance to show that creation.

Q: What advice would you give to new photographers?

A: The advice I have for any inspiring photographer is to create art no matter what camera you have. I started off with a plain camera and iPhone. From there, I worked my way up to more professional cameras.

At the end of the day its not the equipment that will make the photographer. The mind behind the equipment is more important than anything.

Check out more of Lee Smith’s work at!


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