Got a free afternoon? Check out two fun public art projects in Downtown

Within five minutes from Wofford, you can experience two unique community art projects spearheaded by Hub-Bub’s Love Where You Live Campaign, that have sparked community pride and contributed to theĀ revitalization of Spartanburg.


The first of these project was added to downtown Spartanburg last year and has quickly become one of the most iconic symbols of Spartanburg. The Love Where You Live mural, on the corner of Main Street and Spring Street was funded by local businesses and with the help of several local artists completed in just a week. Ā From its founding in 1831 to its nickname as “Sparkle City”, each block of this bright and eye-catching mural reflects a different aspect of Spartanburg’s history.Ā The mural has transformed a boring white wall into the centerpiece of downtown and proved very successful for boosting community pride. It has inspired many social media posts and been the backdrop of many photoshoots.


The second of Hub-Bub’s latest community projects isĀ Sparkle City Mini Putt-Putt, which opened up this past summer. Located in a formerly vacant lot on East Main Street, this miniature golf course combines art with fun.

EachIMG_4425 hole celebrates an aspect of what makes Spartanburg unique. This course is a partnership betweenĀ Hub-Bub, the city of Spartanburg, and an anonymous donor. It was designed by Hub-Bub’s artist-in-residence Robin Schwartzman, who was inspired by 1960’s kitsch and the iconic vintage signs of places like the Varsity and Sugar-n-Spice. Sparkle City Mini Putt-Putt is free and open to the public, so grab your friends and head downtown!



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