Wofford’s most overlooked scenic spot, revealed (p.s. there will be cats ğŸ±)

As a small college with a small campus, Wofford doesn’t have very many secrets. By the end of freshman year, most people have been inside every building, and know about almost every picturesque place on campus… Except for one.

credit: Julie Woodson
credit: Julie Woodson

Have you ever parked in the Marsh parking lot and wondered about that strangely colorful building with the canoes? The Environmental Science courtyard is a beautiful and often overlooked haven for nature and art on Wofford’s campus. Nestled in the middle of the C-shaped Black Science Annex (the home of Wofford’s environment studies program), the courtyard plays host to a wild garden surrounded on all sides by murals evoking natural themes, equipped with benches, stairs, and a flat roof area to sit on while you study and observe the beauty of the garden. All in all, it’s a really great place to go if you want to get some fresh air and discover some really cool art as well.


Bonus: If you love cats, you’ll love this place! The courtyard is home to several cats, and at least one is usually hanging around there at any given time. So, if you miss your pets from home, come and visit the courtyard to get your fluffy animal fix.


The easiest way to get there is by going around the back of the Black Science Annex (the small building behind Milliken).
Happy explorations!


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