Here’s why we love Brown Roof, Spartanburg’s new artsy hangout with an awesome civic-minded mission

Credit: Robert Caldwell
Credit: Robert Caldwell

A coffee shop-thrift store combo is a match made in heaven for many locals, especially for the multitudes of college students in the area, who long for a place to shop, lounge, do homework, and get their collective coffee fix. Brown Roof has brought something different to Spartanburg, adding to the town’s recently emerging eclectic vibe (e.g. Willy Taco, Little River, Hub City Bookshop, and Dottie’s Toffee). These institutions especially appeal to young creatives, who are always searching for places that spark ideas and foster individually. Robert Caldwell, the founder of Brown Roof, says it’s meant to do just that. “For me as a creative, the coolest thing about Brown Roof is its atmosphere. When I started thinking about the design of the store, I was careful to not overlook any detail. The wood walls, steel racks, concrete counters and floors, and great hand drawn displays all around the store draw people in and bring them back many times.”

Brown Roof Coffee
Credit: Robert Caldwell

However, Brown Roof isn’t just any old normal, strictly for-profit shop. They sell with a mission. This cool new hangout aims to better all facets of the community with an ingenious charitable business model.

Credit: Robert Caldwell
Credit: Robert Caldwell

Brown Roof’s Circle of Giving works like this: They collect clothing donations from locals to sell in their shop, and the necessity for sales staff provides jobs and job training for community members who are in need. They also give as much time and money as possible to charitable organizations in the community. Robert explains that one of their main goals is to help take the burden of raising money off of local charities, allowing them to “spend their time serving others, rather than fundraising”. Isn’t it so much nicer to go shopping when you know that in doing so, you are making a positive impact?

In conclusion, everyone should go to Brown Roof, where creativity and good vibes abound, all while improving our community!

Also, just a PSA for college kids, you can get 10% off your coffee with a college ID and a coffee card (which you can get if you come in to the store).

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