Crafty Cures for the Cold

Happy ice day everyone! We hope you’re staying warm and dry. Here are a few crafty cures to get you through this chilly week!


Samantha Hemleben, Wofford senior, knits scarves and hats for her roommates Leigh and Annie. Stay tuned for a second post later this semester featuring more of Sam’s knitted creations!


Many of you might know Dr. Natalie Grinnell as an English professor here at Wofford, but did you know that she is also a talented artisan? This is one of her favorite handcrafted and glazed mugs. We think it would be perfect for some hot chocolate on this icy day!


Here’s another cozy scarf, crocheted for Sarah by co-founder Mills Brown!


And finally, check out these mugs made by Jake Wright! Jake is a Wofford senior and, believe it or not, he had never created any type of pottery before this January. All of these beautiful mugs were made in Dr. Hette’s Ceramics interim. We hope to see more pottery from Jake in the future!


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