Katie Harmon’s Mixed Media Masterpieces

Katie Harmon is a senior at Wofford with a studio art minor. She works with a wide range of media, including photography! Commission an original piece or a photoshoot from Katie via email (harmonka@email.wofford.edu) or phone (573-745-9015)


Here’s more from Katie: 

Q: How, why, and when did you start making your art?

A: I did random things off and on throughout childhood, but in my senior year of high-school I decided to enroll in an intensive studio art course. My teacher, Ms. Livek, was really an incredible inspiration. She really pushed me towards excellence and I’ve been art-making ever since.


Q: Describe your ideal space for making art.

A: In the basement of my parents’ house. My dad decided I needed a place to work so he installed a beautiful desk in the basement and built shelves for all of my supplies. He also painted all the walls white and told me that they were mine to change however I liked. Currently, the walls in that basement have 4 years of notes, drawings, sketches, techniques and musings splattered all over them. My dad says he likes to walk through the space to see my creative process and that’s what makes it such a wonderful space to make art.


Q: What’s the best way to search for inspiration?

A: In the mundane. I’m always taking pictures of things that inspire me. I love to hold on to moments in my mind, and savor the feeling that they create. I take that feeling to help me with my art work later in the day.


Q: What’s been your greatest moment of success as an artist so far?

A: I had an opportunity to paint the windows on an abandoned building last year. It was amazing. I was able to take an idea that I had formed from earlier in the year and create something that people are still enjoying on a daily basis. During the process, a man came up and asked me about the project. I told him I was painting images of empowered women because of the specific neighborhood’s long past with violence against women. He began to cry and told me that his sister had died as a result of domestic violence. He was really touched by my project and it made the whole experience that much sweeter.

gaQ: How has being a student at Wofford helped to shape you as an artist?

A: I’ve had opportunities here that I wouldn’t have had anywhere else. Being a part of a small arts program has not only pushed me to do more, but it has also allowed me to find my place. Had I gone to an art-school I feel like I would have been more between the cracks, but here I can thrive.


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