Anna Henson: Charcoal and Watercolor


Name: Anna Henson

Age: Senior!

Medium: Drawing: I love the mess and blending of charcoals…how you really, literally, have to get into your drawing while creating. Also painting! I do a lot of watercolor…I think I like how free-flowing and easy it is. I especially like to do ink and watercolor together. The balance between the strict black, definitive lines and ink with the free form of water color makes it very interesting to me. 

Where can we see more?

Nothing is for sale yet – I give a lot of my art away as gifts – but I am hoping to have more time over interim to make new pieces!

You can see my photography at


How, why and when did you start making your art?

My dad is an artist and when I was younger I would always find him out in his ‘shop’ drawing charcoal pictures of our family. I was mesmerized watching him. To me it seemed like magic – how he would move his eyes from the picture to his paper and recreate what he saw, the way he worked the charcoals and pastels into the paper so that they blended beautifully… I wanted to bed just like him, so I would lure him into hosting ‘art classes’ from my sisters and me on weekends. Those were some of my favorite times.

Any music you prefer to hear while you work?

Usually I like to listen to smooth, easy-listening’ tunes when I’m creating. Some of my favorite artists are Gregory Isakov, Amy Stroup, Ray LaMontagne, Katie Herzig, Alexi Murdoch.. Or, when I am tired of words, any kind of classical music is great!

As a senior, have you though about how your art will feature into your career?

Of course! Beyond career, art features into my lifestyle – it’s in everything I do: the way I see the world and live in it. Recently I accepted an offer with Teach for America to teach at an elementary school in Mississippi for the next two years. I hope to not only teach these children the knowledge they will need, but life values as well – like how to see the beauty in each day. I also hope to help each of my students realize their creative potential by incorporating art into my lesson plans. This semester I took the “Art for the Child” course at Converse and it was so helpful in planning to do this!

How have your four years at Wofford helped to shape you as an artist?

Gaining a liberal arts education has been so instrumental in stretching my perception of the world. Being able to cultivate so much knowledge within such a small community has gifted me with supportive relationships and more opportunities to learn and grow from others. Overall, my Wofford education has developed me into a well-rounded, knowledgable, and curious critical thinker. Although drawing and painting skills are a major part of art, I think the most important the ability to be aware of your own feelings, and then depicting those feelings in a way that others can understand. 


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