Vintage Finds with Anna Katherine Wilson

Name: Anna Katherine Wilson

Year: Class of 2018

Craft: revamped vintage finds


Where can we buy your vintage creations?

Describe your ideal spot to make your craft.

In my screened porch at home, that way I can enjoy the nice weather and still get some work done.

What’s the best way, in your opinion, to find inspiration?

I think the items themselves inspire me, I love the fact that they have survived so many years, being passed down from generation to generation and some even traveling internationally before they came into my hands.

Does your artwork feature into your future career goals? If so, how?

As a freshman, I am still trying to figure out what my career goals are, but I would like to continue creating art if possible. I have an interest in fashion, and though my vintage typewriters and telephones don’t necessarily transfer well into that line of work, I think some of the skills that I have developed while working with them would be useful.

You have $200 to spend at a giant craft store. What do you buy first?

The first thing I would buy would probably be a new airbrushing set. That would make my process so much faster!

What do you hope to see in the new Rosalind Richardson Center for the Arts that is pertinent to your craft?
I am just excited because I heard that there will be spaces for people to do art. That would be fantastic because as it is, our campus is seriously lacking spaces for students to create with no fear of making a mess.


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