Zack Morrow’s Breaking Bread


Name: Zack Morrow

Class/Age: Class of 2016

Your Craft: Bread-making

1) Is your work available for purchase?


Twitter: @BreakingBreadWC

2) How, why, and/or when did you start making your art/craft?

Two summers ago, my grandmother gave me a sourdough recipe, but I just couldn’t get it exactly right.  She’s been making this sourdough for years to give to people as presents or to serve at family gatherings, so it has a bit of nostalgia for me.  Like a typical Wofford student, I took it as a personal challenge that I would get the recipe working.  This past summer, my grandma showed me the ropes, taking me under a bread apprenticeship of sorts.  It worked like a charm with my grandmother’s help and experience, and it’s so addictive that I’ve been hooked ever since.

3) Do you have any favorite music to listen to/Netflix show to have on while you work?

I typically work without music or TV playing.  I enjoy the rhythm of baking and kneading.  It’s a nice time to clear my head.

4) How has being a student at Wofford helped to shape you as an artisan?

The Space has been very helpful in getting things off the ground, and the Village is a perfect spot to bake.  Most of all, though, I enjoy the people I get to meet as a result of the bread.  Being able to relate to people is an important part of any craft.


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