Welcome Artisans!


Welcome to the Wofford ArtisanMarket blog!

As student artists and entrepreneurs, we know how difficult and sometimes intimidating it can be to market yourself on campus. Do you have a great product, hand craft, or just the beginning of an idea that you would like to share with your Wofford family? This is why we have created Wofford Artisan Market- specifically for you. Wofford Artisan Market is a support group for creative minds. It’s an organized way for us to sell our goods and help to market and promote your craft throughout the busy school year.

This semester we have been hunting down all of Wofford’s hidden talents. We are now interviewing each artist and beginning to feature them on our blog. Next semester we plan to continue with our blog, as well as organize two weekend events for artists to sell their crafts. One of these will be a market on campus, and we are currently working to collaborate with the Spartanburg Farmers Market for our second event.

We believe in the potential of our businesses, as well as yours, and are convinced that in working together through Wofford Artisan Market, we can achieve much more than we would on our own.

Want to be featured? Send us an email at woffordartisanmarket@gmail.com! We would love to interview you and feature your talent!

~ Founders Mills Brown & Sarah Baldwin


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